Recommended Law Office in the Branch of Public Procurement Law and Energetics and Energetics Projects
We are able to look at our clients' problems from the clouds, yet our feet stay firmly on the ground
We are distinguished by the ability to understand the economic fundamental of a transaction from the very beginning, which allows us to choose the most effective legal constructions and procedures
For us, no case is just a number in a filing cabinet
Law for business, not business for law
We have been building on reliability, personal approach and mutual trust since 2005

We became a recommended Law Office in the field of Public Procurement Law and Energy and Energy projects in the Law Firm of the Year 2022 competition.

Our lawyers are members of

We provide comprehensive legal services to domestic and foreign corporate clients.

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Navázali jsme spolupráci s Automotive Interims

Naše advokátní kancelář po sérii jednání zvítězila ve výběrovém řízení na právního poradce pro společnost Automotive Interims. Tato společnost je významným hráčem na poli služeb

Právnická firma roku 2022

V letošním ročníku prestižního hodnocení advokátních kanceláří Právnická firma roku naše kancelář uspěla ve dvou kategoriích. Jsme doporučovanou kanceláří v oborech Veřejné zakázky a Energetika

We assist clients with the realization of their business and investment activities.


We are honoured to work, among others, for the below mentioned clients:

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