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Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

The story of our law firm began on February 1, 2005, when the firm was founded. From the very beginning of the office's existence, we have focused on providing comprehensive legal advice to domestic and foreign mainly corporate clients, which is related to the implementation of their business and investment activities.

We differ from a number of competing offices in our ability to understand the economic essence of a transaction from the very beginning, which enables us to choose the most effective legal constructions and procedures.


What we have behind

During the existence of our office, we have designed and successfully implemented a number of complex acquisition projects for our clients consisting in the purchase or sale of property shares, plants and their parts, the creation of joint ventures and other forms of cooperation of our clients as shareholders of important trading companies in the Czech Republic.

We have gained extensive experience in the design and implementation of contractual documentation between our clients and public corporations, on the basis of which important projects are implemented in the PPP (public – private – partnership) model, or in the public procurement regime. For a long time, we have specialized in the provision of legal services to companies supplying infrastructure services, such as water supply and sewerage operations, heating operations, waste management and other municipal services, and we represent the most important players in the Czech Republic in these fields.

What makes us unique

As one of the few offices in the Czech Republic, we provide legal services in the field of Italian law through a team member of our office who is an Italian attorney and a European established attorney.

We specialize in aviation law, and our services are used by a number of entities doing business in individual spheres of the aviation business.

What will we help you with next?

We also deal with ICT law and personal data protection (GDPR).

We appreciate it when our clients ask us to solve their private property or personal problems. Thus, we have extensive experience in creating structures for the transfer of family property to succeeding generations, or its delimitation in the event that our clients' family life becomes complicated and they decide on property separation (settlement of joint property of spouses), we also deal with the adjustment of children's rights to minors.

The implementation of our clients' business activities is also related to the risk of economic loss caused as a result of the criminal conduct of counterparties or third parties. We therefore also focus on enforcing the property rights of our clients as persons injured in criminal proceedings.

In addition to the above-mentioned targeting of our office, we also provide legal services in other areas, such as civil law, copyright law, resolution of legal relations to real estate, contentious agenda including arbitration, insolvency law and others.


How we work

When solving the given problems, we emphasize clarity, clarity and brevity of the proposed solution, in the case of alternative solutions to the given problem, we warn the client about the possible risks associated with the implementation of this or that variant.

For the possibility of providing a comprehensive solution to the problem, we work closely with proven specialists in the field of taxes, accounting, auditing, valuation, possibly with bailiffs, notaries or experts in the field of ecological consulting and ecological audits and with other specialists.

We provide legal services quickly, we emphasize flexibility and meeting deadlines agreed with the client. We take care to preserve the confidentiality of the information found, which we consider essential in relation to the client.

We communicate in Czech, English, German, Italian and French, and if necessary, we have contracted translation or interpretation services through court interpreters.

When providing our services, we use the most modern computer and telecommunications technology, leading legal information systems, all file agendas are digitized and clients have the possibility of remote access to their files.

The office has professional liability insurance for damages caused by the practice of law with a payment limit of CZK 70.000.000 in an individual case.

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