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Our firm

Our firm

Who we are

Our law firm’s story dates back to 1 February 2005 when the firm was founded. From the very beginning of our existence, we have focused on providing comprehensive legal advice to domestic and foreign, mainly corporate, clients regarding their business and investment activities.

We differ from the many competing law firms in our ability to understand the economic substance of a transaction from the very beginning, which enables us to choose the most effective legal constructs and procedures.

What we have behind

During our firm’s existence we have designed and successfully implemented a number of complex acquisition projects for our clients involving the purchase or sale of ownership shares, plants and their individual parts, the creation of joint enterprises and other forms of collaboration for our clients as shareholders of major business companies in the Czech Republic.

We have gained extensive experience in the drafting and implementation of contractual documentation between our clients and public corporations, which is used to complete major PPP (public – private – partnership) and public procurement projects. For a long time we have specialised in providing legal services to companies supplying infrastructure services such as water and sewage systems, heating plants, waste management and other municipal services, and we represent the leading players in the Czech Republic in these sectors.

What makes us unique

We are one of the few firms in the Czech Republic to provide legal services in the field of Italian law, through a member of our team who is an Italian lawyer and an established European lawyer.

We specialise in aviation law and our services are used by a number of entities operating in different areas of the aviation business.

What will we help you with next

We also deal with ICT law and data protection (GDPR).

We are always very proud when our clients ask us to also handle their private property or personal problems. We have extensive experience in creating structures for the transfer of family property to successive generations or delimiting it if our clients have complications in their family life and decide to separate their property (settlement of spouses’ joint assets), as well as in the regulation of rights to underage children.

Implementing our clients’ business activities also involves the risk of economic loss that might be caused by the criminal actions of counterparties or third parties. We therefore also focus on asserting our clients’ property rights as victims in criminal proceedings.

In addition to our firm’s aforementioned focus, we also provide legal services in other areas such as civil law, copyright law, real estate law, litigation including arbitration, insolvency law and others.

How we work

When resolving the problems that are assigned to us, we emphasise the coherence, clarity and brevity of the solution we are proposing, and if there are alternative solutions to a particular problem we warn the client of the possible risks associated with the implementation of one or other option.

In order to provide a comprehensive solution to a problem we work closely with proven specialists in taxation, accountancy, auditing and valuation, or with bailiffs, notaries or experts in environmental consultancy and environmental audits and with other specialists.

We provide legal services quickly, with the emphasis on flexibility and meeting the deadlines agreed with the client. We make sure we preserve the confidentiality of the information we obtain, which we consider essential in relation to the client.

We communicate in Czech, English, German, Italian and French and, if necessary, we have contracted translation and interpreting services through court interpreters.

To provide our services we use state-of-the-art computer and telecommunications technology, and leading legal information systems. All files are digitised, and clients can have remote access to their files.

Our firm has professional liability insurance for damage caused by the practice of law with a limit of CZK 70,000,000 per case.

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